What is an overnight trip to the beach without at least one bonfire? Whether you do the classic hot dog and smores dinner or simply end your day by a cozy fire, bonfires have a special place in the heart of those who love the beach. 

We often get asked if bonfires are allowed on the beach in Oregon. Our answer is a resounding “YES!…. but you need to know a few things.”

The first thing to know is that we provide the marshmallow sticks, but you’ll need to pick up your own bundles of wood and kindling at a local grocery store! 

And then please be sure to follow some basic bonfire rules for the safety of everyone! 

Basic bonfire rules

1. Don’t build your fires close to dune grass or driftwood.

Keep a good distance. That means 25 feet from any vegetation, and a good distance from driftwood logs.

2. Burn only clean wood.

You can buy stacks of firewood at the local grocery stores. Don’t burn firewood gathered on the beach. 

3. Know how to put out your fire.

To put out your fire, do not cover with sand as this causes a safety hazard. People have burned their feet by inadvertently walking across a smoldering bonfire buried in the sand. Instead, douse you fire with water until it is completely out.


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