Sleepy Cannon Beach may roll up its carpets earlier than you’re ready for, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! It simply means it’s time to head back to the beach for a bonfire and some stargazing. 

With no city around and strict dark-night lighting rules in place for the homes in Arch Cape, your eyes will soon adjust to the darkness allowing the Milk Way, planets, and your favorite constellations to pop from the sky.

Keys to a successful stargazing experience on the Oregon coast: 

• Stargazing can happen any time of year, but is actually the best during the fall and winter months when the ocean mist is not as thick. 

• Stargazing is best during a phase of the moon that is very dark. If you find yourself at the beach during a full moon, you may enjoy playing shadow tag on the beach more than you enjoy the stars!

• Give your eyes time to adjust. Don’t just go out for ten minutes and then come back inside. Lay down on a blanket and give your eyes plenty of time to adjust to the darkness, bringing out the layers upon layers of stars above you. Refrain from pulling out your phone or any other light that will set you backwards in adjusting to the darkness. If you have a bonfire, put it out completely once the whole group is ready to stargaze.

•Dress warmly. We can’t emphasize this enough! If you are down on the sand, especially during the fall or winter, the damp cold can quickly make your experience miserable. 

Oregon Coast Stargazing Resources:

Check out Accuweather’s Astronomy Forecast here.

Browse an interactive night sky map of Cannon Beach here.

Learn how to build a safe bonfire on the beach and follow local regulations here.


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