Grey whales are known to make one of the longest migrations in the world, at almost 13,000 miles distance. And their migration takes them right along the Oregon coast, wowing visitors the visitors who are lucky enough to spot their spout or tail flip as they dive down! 

Twice each year, their migration between Alaska and Mexico is celebrated along the coast with volunteers stationed at viewing spots for the peak months. Be sure to visit Ecola State Park (one of the designated view points) in late December or late March for your best change at seeing them from above. 

But you don’t always need to go far to see them! If you keep your eyes on the ocean while staying in one of our Oregon coast homes, you have a good change of seeing them year-round. A small pod of whales that only travels up and down the Oregon coast makes your chance of seeing one a little better. We have often spotted them off the shoreline from the back deck of our homes. What a delight, to see them swimming by, blowing their spouts and giving glimpses of their heads, backs or tail as they move.


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