5 Steps to Snorkeling Like a Pro!

Step 1: Choose the right gear!

Choose a mask that seals well: When you’re trying on a mask (whether purchasing one or renting one), you can check that it fits your face well by holding it up to your face, breathing in through your nose and holding your breath to create a suction and taking your hands away from the mask. If your mask holds to your face with that suction, then you have a good seal!

Choose flippers that fit well: It’s important that you don’t risk them falling off. It’s also important that they’re not too small, as you could cause your feet to cramp up.

Choose a snorkel with a dry valve: This type of snorkel has a float valve sealer that closes off the top of the snorkel should it be submerged (say, if you accidently tilt your head and the snorkel goes under the water or you get surprised by an incoming wave). This snorkel provides optimal comfort, especially for those new to snorkeling!

Consider using a floatation device: Some people prefer to snorkel with a waist flotation device that helps their buoyancy. These can often be rented with snorkel gear.

Consider using a wet suit: If you are cold blooded, you may find that a spring suit (a wet suit with short legs and arms) may provide extra comfort for you- especially if you plan to snorkel first thing in the morning when the water is the calmest! No one likes to get out of the water early because they got the chills!

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What to Do in Cannon Beach with Kids

Hike with kids

One of the all-time favorite activities in the Cannon Beach is hiking the beautiful trails that meander through the Oregon forest. And some of the best trails and viewpoints are very child-friendly! If you’re travelling with little ones, consider doing these walks with them:

• Ecola Point

• Short Sand Beach

• Hug Point

• Devil’s Couldron 

Explore tidepools & animal life

Little ones will love exploring the tidepools that appear at low tide! Bright starfish, textured barnacles and mussels, scurrying crabs, and sometimes even a sand dollar or two will appear to provide endless entertainment.

Check out the Animals You May Encounter!

Indulge in a treat while watching a local candymaker

It wouldn’t be a trip to Cannon Beach without a stop for ice cream, salt water taffy, or one of the countless confectionary options our candy stores offer! Keep alert while in-shop: you may just get to view the process of candy being made while you’re there!

Have a bonfire

Nothing says a childhood trip to the Oregon coast quite like ending the day with a bonfire on the beach. You can pick up firewood, hot dogs, and s’mores supplies at a local market; we’ll provide the marshmallow sticks! Check out our Bonfire Safety Tips!

Fly a kite

Kite flying: loved by both children and children-at-heart alike! Don’t worry about finding one before you travel to the beach; our local kite shop has something for everyone, whether you’re a newbie or a kite-controlling-ninja!

Have a pizza picnic on the beach

Sure to become a family favorite, a pizza picnic on the beach couldn’t be an easier way to please a hungry crowd! Bundle up for the evening, grab a pizza to go at one of our two local pizza establishments and head down to the sand for a picnic-with-a-view. And when the view is Haystack Rock, you can’t get much better than that!

And if you’re not a pizza lover, check out our List of Cannon Beach Restaurants for other to-go options!

Build a sand castle

A childhood classic that doesn’t need an explanation! But it wouldn’t be a trip to the beach without making one and then watching it slowly disintegrate when the tide comes in.

Marvel at Haystack Rock

Take your little ones down to the base of Haystack Rock so that they can marvel at its tremendous size. Watch the tide clocks in our houses so you know when low tide is and get up close. During the summer, volunteers spend time at the tidepools, helping identify the teeming wildlife.


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