Every trip to Maui must include tropical treats that you can’t find back home!

Or maybe some that just taste better on Maui?

Our top ten treats can be found in locations all over the island, but we’ll only mention the locationss we’ve personally tried and loved.

Please comment with your favorite places to find these same treats! 

1. Shave Ice

Smothered in fruity syrup, shave ice (not to be confused with shaved ice!) is a staple Maui treat. Hide ice cream on the bottom or top it off with whipped cream. Perhaps drizzle coconut syrup or sprinkle fruit on top. The creative options are endless! Each stand typically has its own custom creations if you want a combo that is tried and true. We love getting ours at the Maui Swap Meet or Beach Street Shave Ice in Kihei.

2. Malasadas

Malasadas may be a new delicacy to you! A Portugese treat, these fried balls of dough are less sweet than a typical donut but then filled with a variety of creams that are simply delightful! Or go no-fill but rolled in cinnamon sugar. You can find bakeries all over the island that offer their version. We enjoy stopping by Sugar Beach Bake Shop, Home Maid Bakery or Manuela Malasada as we are out exploring the island. Make it a point to try one in each town you visit, and see how each shop puts their own twist on this Hawaiian treat!

3. Hawiian Pies

For most people one of the first things that come to mind when they think of Maui is typically not “pie!”. But once you’ve tried some of the local offerings, that is likely to change. Stop by Leoda’s on you way to Lahaina and be wowed by coconut cream, chocolate haupia, guava chiffon, or pineapple mac nut mini pies! If you want something more traditional, their apple hand pies will have you buying a dozen to take back to the condo to go with your morning coffee. Or if you want a dessert for the whole family, stop in at Maui Pie for a large mango strawberry, key lime or lilikoi pie. Strawberry mango is our favorite!

4. Coconut

Nothing says Hawaii quite like drinking coconut water straight from the coconut! Stop at any fruit stand and try it for yourself. But be sure to stick around for them to open up the coconut meat when you are done! New coconuts will have more water and a soft meat that you scoop out with a spoon. Older coconuts may have no water, but will have crunchy meat that you can tuck away for your afternoon snack. 

5. Pizza

Yes, we are sure this one feels like a weird addition to the list! But what if we told you that the Food Network showcased a stone fire pizza oven that is built onto a trailer and serves handmade pizzas for around $15 in a parking lot every day but Sunday? Unexpected but DELICIOUS. Grab a lilikoi pork, chicken bacon ranch, or classic pepperoni and take it to the beach for a sunset picnic! Outrigger Pizza will take you by surprise.

6. Banana bread

Another staple treat, banana bread is best bought when it’s wrapped in plastic wrap and still warm. It’s moist, sweet and has enough butter in it that you don’t want to think about it. You can typically find loaves at any fruit stand or market! Our go-to spot is too hard to give directions to in a blog post so you will just need to email us!

7. Coconut Latte

Calling all coffee lovers! You typically wouldn’t think of ordering a coconut latte when you’re at home, but when you’re on Maui… well, it almost feels wrong not to! The closest coffee shops to the condo are Akamai up on the hill and Honolulu Coffee Company at The Shops at Wailea.

8. Fish Tacos

Ok, yes, you can get fish tacos pretty much anywhere these days! But how can you beat tacos made with fresh mahi? We don’t think it can be beat! Honestly, our go-to spot is a food truck just south of the condo. At lunch time, turn right out of the gate and drive about a mile. Take them back for a beach picnic! And of course fish tacos are found all over the island to be ordered for dinner or lunch.

9. Apple bananas

This little banana is probably something you’d never heard of before visiting Maui! they taste just as they sound- a lovely mixture of banana and apple- and are about half the size of a typical banana. The perfect about to slice over a morning yogurt parfait or to slip into your pocket as you walk out the door. There is usually a limited amount available at local fruit stands!

10. Dole Whip

And last but absolutely NOT least, is the incredible Hawaiian Dole Whip! While you once could only find Dole Whip a the Dole plantation on Oahu, it has slowly spread even onto the Mainland. But again, it just tastes so much better in Hawaii! Try some from Maui Sweet Shoppe as an afternoon treat on a hot day 

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